Mt Taranaki Summit Climb

Daily ascents to the summit of Mt Taranaki tailored to your fitness level.


The Pouakai Crossing

Sister walk of the Tongariro Crossing. A 7–9 hour classic trek for 3–15 people.

Pouakai Circuit

Sub-alpine wetlands, waterfalls, panoramic vistas. A three day trek for up to 10 people.

Pouakai Plateau

Unique wetlands, rain forest, panoramic vistas. A six hour walk for up to 10 people.

The Enchanted TrackThe enchanted track, Mt Taranaki

Cascades, waterfalls, rock pools, rain forest. A six hour walk for 4–10 people.

Kaitake Range Explorer

Coastal views, rain forest, panoramic vistas, unique native flora. A six hour walk for up to 10 people.

Mt Taranaki Eastern Explorer

Comprises three separate day treks.


School Adventure Pursuits

Exciting, challenging, safe activities for students and teachers. Mt Taranaki Guided Tours offers school students exciting outdoor protrammes.

Taranaki Getaway Adventure

Two days of fun outdoor activities for 5–10 people over 14 years of age.

Group activities

Study / adventure trips into the Egmont National Park, team building / problem solving activities for teachers and students, for school summer camps or activity weeks.

Corporate Team-building

Participants stretch their comfort zone, but are never forced to participate should they feel the degree of difficulty too great.

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