The Enchanted Track

Wonderland day trip

This magical East Egmont walk offers cascades, waterfalls, rock pools, rain forest and panoramic vistas. Unforgettable.

The 'Goblin Forest'

This trek caters for a group of 4 to 10 people and is suitable for inbound tour groups, tramping clubs, school and family trips.

Time: 6 hour walk return
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 10km

Cameras are recommended.

What you can look forward to

This area of Egmont National Park offers luxuriant native bush and dramatic views of Mount Taranaki and the surrounding rural landscape. You'll enjoy close encounters with sub-alpine terrain, and rain forest flora.

You'll enter the Egmont National Park at East Egmont, about a 45 minute drive from New Plymouth.Trekkers on East Egmont Taranaki

From the dramatic vistas of the Stratford Plateau you'll walk down aptly named Enchanted Track into a wonderland of native vegetation. The walk drops 300 metres with spectacular views of Mount Taranaki, the Dawson Falls area and the Tasman Sea. On a clear day you'll see the Mountains of Tongariro National Park. On this descent you'll pass from sub-alpine scrub into enchanting 'goblin' forest, horopito, moss-covered kamahi and totara, and astelia. The mountain acts as a rain trap for the lush forests. Unforgettable.

Climbing up the Waingongoro track you'll cross a number of streams before approaching a deep gorge cut by the Waingongoro River. The swing-bridge across the gorge is the highest in Egmont National Park, its long and narrow, and only one person is allowed on at a time. So take a deep breath and step on!

You'll return to Stratford Plateau via stunning Dawson falls and Wilkies Pools, and the exposed alpine terrain of the Round-the-Mountain track.

Who will carry the equipment?

There are two options:

  1. You carry a full kit, clothes, food and cooking equipment
  2. We can supply support staff to carry some of your gear should you require assistance.

Do you need transport?

If you require transport from New Plymouth to the Stratford Plateau our guide can pick you up from the city.

When: Pick up at 7.30 am
: $45.00 per person

Contact Mt Taranaki Guided Tours to book a walk through the Enchanted Track.


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